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Struggling With Weight Loss Is NOT Your Fault!
Why? Because most American concepts of nutrition and diet are based on outdated information 
The food pyramid that many of us grew up with was created in 1992 
in an effort to to define “healthy” eating.

Instead, it resulted in an obesity epidemic that stemmed from inaccurate dietary information, and for 1 important reason:

—> The information was intended to loosely define “healthy” eating, not how to use food to lose weight.
We were made to believe that every meal should consist of some grains, fruits, vegetables, some protein, and don’t forget your glass of milk/serving of dairy too!...

That in order to fix the obesity epidemic we have to eat what has been defined as “healthy” foods...

That you need to make sure you’re getting your fruits and vegetables in…
And that you need to steer away from processed and packaged foods, leaning towards whole-grain and natural/ organic options!  
The lack of complete information leads the public to believe that you have to eat “healthy” to reach your weight-loss goals. Worse off, that if you don’t, you won’t ever lose weight.

Not to mention the amount of guilt that comes from just looking at a piece of candy, a soda, or a donut. In terms of weight loss, this has you focused on the wrong information.
We’ve been confused to the point that we don’t even know the difference between healthy eating and eating to achieve our goals; We think that they’re one in the same when it couldn’t be further from the truth.  
Since 1992 the food pyramid has undergone a few dramatic changes including changing shape over to a plate chart, however, it’s too late. The damage has already been done and has definitely NOT helped out the obesity epidemic.
And even worse, with obesity at an all-time high, there’s zero information on how to look at and use food to lose weight. Because of this void people feel that they have to turn to the next fad diet to lose the unwanted fat...

That you have to go on a “diet” or give up carbs, go on Keto, know your “body type”, or start some uncomfortable fasting routine just to see the scale budge.

Or even worse, “you just need to keep eating less and less to the point of where you’re starving yourself.”

How did something so simple become so twisted and confusing? Food is simply one thing; fuel! Food is fuel for our bodies. When we’re looking to lose weight and understand that food is the vehicle for that change, we begin to FUEL ourselves in order to achieve our goals, rather than starve ourselves.

  • No longer get confused when it comes to the word “healthy” and losing weight.
  • Finally understand that losing weight is as simple as being an accountant with our food. 
And once you look at it for what it truly is, you can follow a clear and easy path to eating guilt free for long-term success.

It’s kinda like doing your taxes - sure as long as you submit your W2’s you’re going to see a return, but to maximize your return (aka see the most change on the scale) with the least amount of effort and zero guilt you have to know the what to focus on to guarantee the results you want.
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- Kerry B.
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 THERE'S A CATCH... This Is NOT For Everyone

Lasting results are only achieved when you're willing to learn!  If you're looking for a quick fix and someone to "do it for you", this is NOT for you!  You have to be ready to take a learning based approach to finally keeping the weight off!

Here's Who This Is For

  • You MUST be coachable -  Results are guaranteed for one reason – The science on how your body will lose weight week after week doesn't change, and my clients not only get a step-by-step blueprint, they get all the guidance, and accountability you need! But you have to be ready to invest your time in re-learning what truly matters for lasting results or this won’t be a good fit. 
  • ​​You MUST be positive - There's no way to sugarcoat this; negative and victimized thinking people never get what they want and are not pleasant to be around.  I refuse to work with people who aren't willing to take responsibility and understand there is an opportunity in every obstacle they face- together, we WILL overcome them and find the positive in it!
  • You MUST be 100% committed - I can't want this more than you and because I've laid every single step out for you to simply follow  to get you to where you deserve to be with your weight loss goal- you have to be SERIOUS about results.  You too need to be committed and able to lead yourself through the program! 
  • You MUST be willing to invest in your health - Consider for a moment how much you spent on your car… $5,000, $10,000, $25,000… even more? Your car loses value the second you drive it off the lot. How many vehicles will you go through in a lifetime?  Your body and health - on the other hand - You only get one of those in your lifetime, but sometimes we treat it like a used broken down Oldsmobile. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself and your health, we’re not a good fit.
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired…
Fed up with the fad diets, gimmicks, and misconceptions...
...AND you’re coachable, positive, 100% committed, and willing to invest in your goals...
Is there ever really a "perfect time" to get started?

NO - There never is...

The difference between those who get results and those who don't?

Is - Action!

Take action today! Get the tools you need! Set your goals! Go at your own pace through the program!

And thank yourself when you look back on this day.
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Meet Head Coach Shawn Johnson.

- Bachelors & Masters Degree
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- Collegiate & professional level athlete 
- Peer-reviewed published research author & editor
- 2014 Iowa Dream Team (Iowa's Biggest Loser Program) Head Coach

After helping thousands conquer their weight loss & fitness goals through his personal training business and brick & mortar gym in small town Iowa,

He is on a mission to impact millions around the globe with innovative online-based coaching programs.

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